Australian startup resources – investors, coworking spaces, books

Over the past few weeks, there has been some awesome resources shared by the community. We want to ensure that there is a record so that they can be found, used and maintained by the community. Hat tip to angel investor Rayn Ong for the suggestion.
The reason is that we can level up by building from what we have, rather than having to start from scratch. Please check out these lists and contribute to these opensource efforts to keep them fresh!

Australian Startups Investor List

About this resource: An Australian startup funding/investor list for the ecosystem. This is designed to be a resource for founders. We all know how hard it is figuring out who to approach for funding and when to approach them – so we wanted to build a crowd sourced list of active investors in the Aus startup ecosystem. We (the AirTree team) have seeded this using public data sources, but it’s really designed to be a “living” document that’s owned by the community. So everyone has read-write access and we encourage you to add investors or update details as appropriate – please just make sure you use it responsibly!

Co-Working Spaces in Australia List

Author: Daniel Clark, Hey Digital & Townske
About this resource: I’ve been compiling a list of every Australian co-working space (with the help of a VA). It contains major co-working spaces, smaller ones and also offices that have a few desks available.
Would love some feedback (incorrect data, what is/isn’t useful, missing spaces, anything etc).
Source:… Please fill out this form to submit a new space:

Recommended Book List

About this resource: Hello Ninjas, Are you a #booknerd like me? I just created a public sheets where everyone can list their favourite reads for Designers, Makers & Founders. A few minutes old and it’s already got nearly 30 books! Please jump in and add yours


If you would like to add a resource to this list, please mention it in the comments. This page is maintained and updated by the Sydney Startup moderators.

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