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First Principles: Big Talk

What makes a question “Big Talk” as opposed to “Small Talk”? Universal – Any human could answer it Meaningful – thought provoking Open ended – elicts a story (not just yes or no) Examples of this: What do you spend too much time doing? What is a new habit you want to form? Where do […]

7 ways to Make Conversations with Anyone

Conversations last approximately 20 mins. In 20 mins, I have to convince to excite, to engage, to leave the conversation with a smile on your face. How do you talk to strangers? The First Word Flood Gates: Just say the first words. A simple one will do. ‘Hello’. Who knows what they will say and […]

For those like me who have no idea what to do with their life

Have you ever noticed how some people are practically born knowing what they’d like to do for the rest of their lives? Well, maybe they’re not born knowing, but they know from a very early age. It’s as if they were genetically and instinctively predisposed towards a certain path in life. It just makes sense […]

Networking, not degrees: why and how it contributes to career success

There is a saying that ‘a degree only gets you an interview, not a job’. In part, this is why forming social networks are a key aspect in find new career opportunities and information. Like entrepreneurs who are always searching for the right people, you should invest in your social network to grow the start-up […]